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reFRAME urbanism

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ReFrame Urbanism Research Initiative


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Kampala, Uganda

Our Vision

To be a leading research initiative that transforms the way Africa's urban landscapes are perceived and designed, by promoting sustainable and innovative solutions that create thriving urban communities. Through a combination of research and design, develop integral strategies working with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders


Reframe Urbanism is a research initiative based in the bustling metropolis of Kampala, on a mission to uncover the hidden gems of Africa's vibrant urban landscapes. Our team of passionate researchers and urban enthusiasts is committed to creating innovative solutions that tackle the unique challenges of urbanism in Africa, and we're excited to share our findings with the world. Whether you're a curious urban explorer or a seasoned researcher, we invite you to join us on this journey as we reframe the way we think about living in Africa.

Our Objectives

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Conduct in-depth research

We strive to conduct extensive research that sheds light on the unique challenges and opportunities of urbanism in Africa. By using innovative research methods and tools, we aim to generate insights that can inform policymakers, urban planners, and other stakeholders.

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Promote sustainable urbanism

We believe that sustainable urbanism is the key to creating livable and equitable cities in Africa. Our objective is to promote sustainable urban development practices that reduce environmental impact, enhance social cohesion, and improve the quality of life for urban residents

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Foster community engagement

We recognize that urban development cannot be achieved without community participation and engagement. Our objective is to foster community engagement by creating platforms for dialogue and collaboration between urban residents, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

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Share knowledge

We aim to share our research findings, insights, and innovative solutions with a wide range of audiences. Through publications, workshops, conferences, and other channels, we hope to create a vibrant community of urban enthusiasts and researchers who are committed to transforming Africa's urban landscapes

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Inspire innovation

We believe that innovation is the key to creating resilient and adaptable cities that can thrive in the face of changing circumstances. Our objective is to inspire innovation by promoting creative thinking, experimentation, and collaboration among urban stakeholders